From Speedboat Racer to Wheelchair

Hank Weseman, Jr., a professional speedboat racer, was thrown head-first at 140 mph into the water and is recovering from brain-stem damage. To fill the void in accessibility for people just like him, he founded Hotshot Products.

Watch Inside Edition television special about the life and racing boat accident that injured Hank, Weseman, the owner of HotShot Products.

Electric and Manual All-Terrain Beach Wheelchairs

Hotshot Products has invented an all-terrain wheel system for manual wheelchairs and has also designed an electric powered all-terrain beach wheelchair, The Beach Cruzr(TM). This American-renowned innovative disabled-person mobility apparatus is now available for special order in Australia.

The company owner Hank Weseman, Jr. is disabled himself and maintains a “hands-on” approach to all aspects of his business. He not only invents and designs his products, he manufactures them. Hank knows how to get you moving, he’s a user of his beach wheelchairs himself. Hank has now opened the door for Australia sales by fashioning a unique agreement with a leading shipper.

The Beach Cruzr is opening up the great outdoors for individuals with disabilities and immobile older people around the world and is now specifically available for distribution in Australia. The Cruzr allows the disabled and people with limited mobility to enjoy the beach, the Outback and the bush.

The Beach Cruzr are being used by individuals, and community based groups for years in America and around the world. Many non-profits/foundations have raised funds to purchase these chairs for people of the local community.

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