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Customize Your Chair
From A-Z
We carry a wide variety of disability products; shown here are just a few.
Call us for more items, we are ready to fulfill your needs!

Quality Wheelchair Bearings
All sizes available -- low prices!
For easier pushing and maximum rolling upgrade to
HTZ Performance Bearing Kit,
4-front and 4-rear.
Push easier and roll farther ... we guarantee it !!
HTZ Performance Bearings
inox Multi-purpose Lubricant

The super lubricant with the MX3 Anti-Corrosion Formula
Tested and approved MIL.SPEC. C23411 ELLIS Research and Testing Laboratories U.K./U.S.A.

General Uses and Specifications

  • Contains no silicon, acid or acid forming ingredients, kerosene or petroleum distillate.
  • Does not dry out, become sticky, gooey, gum up or wash off with water.
  • Harmless to metal points and surfaces, plastics, paints, enamels, fiberglass, formica and neoprene seals.
  • Non-conductive, non-staining, non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-static.

Mechanical Applications (many other types of applications too, just ask us!)
      Lubrication and protection from all forms of corrosion. Use on cables, linkages, slides, hinges, locks, bronze or copper bearing blocks and bushes, pin and small ball bearings, sliding windows, doors, saws, chains, sprockets, splines, metal and plastic threads, pneumatic tools and firearms.
      Because it is so superior, one can lasts many times longer than other lubricants.

inox Aerosol - 100grams (3.5oz)      $ 5.50 per can
inox Aerosol - 10.5oz      $ 7.95 per can

See fully assembled Frog Leg and optional Wheel

Frog Leg shown with
5-inch Terminator wheel.

Frog Legs
$ 209.00 per pair
Manual Chair

shock absorbers

Bull Frogs
(call for pricing)
Power Chair

shock absorbers

Reduces Vibration, Increases Mobility

Step-up the looks
and performance
of your chair with our
Stealth Aluminum Wheels
and bearings

5-inch Wheel

5-inch Cookie wheel (shown)
Our Stealth Wheels may be
purchased separately or together with the Frog Legs.

8-inch tire
24-inch tire.  
Many more styles, types, 
and sizes available.

Wheelchair and Scooter

  • We carry a wide-variety of sizes and types for any chair.
  • We ship next-day
  • Low prices
  • Air, Urethane, or Solid
  • You can be confident that you will never get a flat, call for details!
  • All prices listed are plus shipping, FOB Torrance, California.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Information contained herein is informational only. Information, specification, and pricing of items available at Hotshot Products supercedes any and all presentation within the web site.
  • Please call for latest products, offering, pricing, and products not shown.

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