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Australian Beach Wheelchairs
Beach, Camping and All-Terrain Access Wheel Chairs
Australia's Direct Sales for Wheelchair Products

Australia Beach Wheelchairs Flag PhotoElectric and Manual
All-Terrain Beach
Wheelchairs for Australia

Hotshot Products has invented an all-terrain wheel system for manual wheelchairs and has also designed an electric powered all-terrain beach wheelchair, The Beach Cruzr(TM). This American-renowned innovative disabled-person mobility apparatus is now available for special order in Australia.

The company owner Hank Weseman, Jr. is disabled himself and maintains a "hands-on" approach to all aspects of his business. He not only invents and designs his products, he manufactures them. Hank knows how to get you moving, he's a user of his beach wheelchairs himself. Hank has now opened the door for Australia sales by fashioning a unique agreement with a leading shipper.

This exciting beach wheelchair is opening up the great outdoors for individuals with disabilities and immobile older people around the world and is now specifically available for distribution in Australia. This Wheelchair allows the disabled and people with limited mobility to enjoy the beach, the Outback and the bush.

These Beach Wheelchairs have been used by individuals, specialist organizations and community based groups for years in America and around the world. Many service clubs raise funds to purchase these chairs for local communities

Almost Free Shipping Rates to AustraliaAustralian Wheelchairs Kangaroo Photo

Now Hotshot Products has negotiated a special arrangement with a leading shipping company to deliver your new wheelchair to your door in Australia at almost free rates.


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Surfs up...come-on down

Australia Wheelchair Beach Cruzr Beach access Wheelchair Photo


Australia Wheelchairs Knobby Tire Wheechair Picture

Australia Wheelchairs Photo of Disabled Child and Friends
Fantastic for Disabled Children
at the Beach or in the Bush



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