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picture of Classroom of Children
Happy kids experience new freedom and mobility!

Look,she's at the beach, right down at the water in her chair!

picture of a student
in her chair with the
Beachcomber right
    AT  and  IN
the water.
Suni is having fun
with her
Our Hotshot Beachcomber has been a Godsend for our family! For years we've had to "pass" on dozens of wonderful activities and vacation destinations because our daughter's wheelchair just wouldn't work on sand, snow or mountain trails. We were also not in a position to spend $2500 or more on ready-made "all-terrain wheelchairs". The Beachcomber has been the perfect solution. We just returned from a wonderful week at a beachfront condo where we easily managed to get our daughter out to the sand, up and down the beach, down to and even INTO the water with the Beachcomber! Says Suni, age 12, "I was a little nervous at first, but I've never had so much fun. I can't wait to go back!" And we ARE going back, for two weeks next year! Can't wait to try the Beachcomber out in the local mountains on trails and the snow this winter as well. Our everlasting gratitude for giving back to us the gift of travel.
-- Palmer and Gayle Fichtner, So. California
We used the beach chair yesterday and my Mom enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for making such a good chair. Used the cooler holder yesterday, and had room under the seat for our beach umbrella!!!!
It rolls very easily; I could pull her up the beach myself.
-- Regina Flynn
The Beachcomber worked great! We took it to the beach. The grandkids loved it, all they wanted to do was ride on grandma's lap. When it was time to leave, they cried! Thanks again for your help.
-- Doug Metten
Grandma and the kids
sad to leave
the beach after
having such fun
with the Beachcomber
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