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Make a Wish Foundation

This is an actual letter from a happy father of a Beach Cruzr user. Below the letter is a series of photos were you see Luke enjoying the beach at a Make a Wish Foundation event.


Thank you for creating the beach cruiser, I have truly never seen my son Luke happier! Meeting you a couple of weeks ago was a true Inspiration. I told you when I picked up Luke's"Beach Cruzr"
That I would link you up to my new website, It will be up in about a month and will have a your company featured as an affiliate. The website is so look for it mid-June.
I will also be linking my existing website to hot shot products, my current website is

I cant thank you enough for the joy and FREEDOM you have given my son. Your a hell of a guy and a great inspiration. I would consider marketing these Cruzr's to big resorts such as the Ritz Carlton and other beachfront high end resorts. I have attached a photo of Luke on his Cruz'r @ the beach party

Thanks Hank!

Brian Langohr











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