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Customer Appreciation Page

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Dear Hank,

This summer has been so much fun! I truly have been too busy to write. I wanted to write you and tell you how much I appreciate your help in making an idea in my head come to life. Meghann and I have been to a pond beach and after a transfer into the beach chair I can easily roll her into the water, just above the wheel height and then she just about dives into the water head first from excitement!! The tires made it so easy to roll over the sand and as I said right into the water! We swim for hours! Thank you for putting this chair together and making it happen so quickly for us. This beach mobile has opened up access to any location for us. Its lite weight, easy to pack in a van and easy to roll, I tested it out with myself in the chair , holding Meg and both of us could easily be pulled from the water and over the sand. The only caution is that its very light and tipsy and would require two people for safety to get in and out of the water. Your awesome, thank you so much for your help!! As I discover new locations I will send a picture.

Debbie and Meg
South Yarmouth, MA

Meghann Enjoying Her New Freedom
Meghann Enjoying Her New Freedom



I like your new chair. It was like a dune buggy! It was fun. Thank you Hank.

David Maire

this next one is from his mom

Hi Hank,

The chair was wonderful! Dave had a great time and it worked perfectly. We will send pictures as soon as John gets time to load them in the computer. What a wonderful thing you have created!

Thanks again Gail
Canby, Oregon

David Maire on the Beach in His New Cruzr
David Maire on the Beach in His New Cruzr

Hi Hank,

The wonder arrived this morning. Your packing was perfect. Assembled and adjusted in a few minutes and here you see a happy wife and a happy me. Thank you.

Best regards,
Maja & Povl Knudsen

Maja Knudsen in Her New Cruzr in Previously Unexplored Teritory
Maja Knudsen riding Her New Cruzr
in Previously Unexplored Teritory


Many thanks!!!

We so appreciate all you've done for us. Hope these
pictures will be of use to you and also others. We're going to have a blast
with this new adjustment!

Thanks again,

Lori Jerome
Hillsboro, Oregon


Logan at His Favorite Spot on the Beach


Hi Hank,

No problem with web site..

The chair has given me back the beach, I've been in a wheelchair for about eight or nine years and can at last get out and enjoy the beach again with my husband and the dogs.Gives you a whole new outlook on life and where you can go.

Hope the above helps... photos attached.. me with the dogs.

I am finding that the right rear tyre kicks sand up onto my back and lap slightly, is this just because we have very soft sand?????? The left one doesnt seem to do it...

Have I found a design fault ???? Only joking,,,

Thanks Hank will be in touch again soon , have spoken to a couple of people on the beach and given them your details..

Dominican Republic

Jacquie Enjoying life on a Beautiful Beach in Costa Rica with Her Best Friends
Jacquie Enjoying life on a Beautiful Beach
in Costa Rica with Her Best Friends


We had a great 4 days at the Surf and Sand in Laguna beach. We were next to a public ramp down to the beach and she had fun on the beach with her kids and grandkids. Said " this is the first time in 5 years I have been free to go where I want on a beach - thanks Hank".

Spent a couple of days with friends at the Portuguese Bend Beach club where we lived for a couple of years and she was able to explore that beach for the first time since we left.

Cruzr and trailer worked perfectly - easy to get on and off after a couple of does. I found a low pressure tire gage at a Harley Davidson dealer which reads up to 20 psi - my tire gage starts at 10.

Owners Manual first class - attaching a couple of pics.


Gary and Ann
Carlsbad, California

Ann Going Where She Wants to on
Ann Going Where She Wants to on
the Beach for the First Time in 5 Years



Hi Hank,

You can put any of the pictures you would like on your site. Let us know so we can look for them. Here are the pics. I absolutely love my cruiser. It gave me the opportunity to go up in the mountain snow for the first time in nine years!! I felt like I was on an amusement park ride. Next stop is the beach. Brian put many hours of hard work and love into it for me, but it wouldn't have been possible without all of your help Hank. Thanks again and here are the pics.





Steph getting Ready for Her Trip to the Snow
Steph getting Ready for Her Trip to the Snow

Steph Playing in the Snow for the First Time in 9 Years
Steph Playing in the Snow for the First Time in 9 Years

Hi Hank,

I apologize for the long delay of photos of Robyn enjoying her beach chair. As you can tell she enjoys it VERY much. After 10 years of living near the beach, but not able to get to the water, Robyn can finally " chase the waves!" The look of exhilaration is priceless, every time we go. Not only has this chair allowed us to enjoy the beach as a family, but also we have been able to go riding and camping.

The chair's different tires allow Robyn on all types of terrain. Our latest camping trip took us to Yosemite. The knobby tires allowed her to travel all over the camp site and many trails.

Whenever we are at the beach, people stop and comment on Robyn and her chair. We always tell them to check out your website! Thanks again Hank.

Kelli Plaster


Robyn Ready for the Beach in Her New Cruzr

Robyn Enjoying the Shoreline and Sunset with Family

Hello Hanks,

On our trip around the islands of Papua New Guinea, the special “beach wheels” bought from Hot Shot allowed me to enjoy swimming with my family, from the beaches which would have been inaccessible with a normal wheel chair. It also allowed us to get into the villages and meet the wonderful people that live there. It was easy and very comfortable to be pushed in the forest, along the paths to observe birds of paradise and cool rivers. I forgot that I was handicapped. Those wheels enabled me to become as active as I ever was. My husband and daughter enjoyed sharing all our experiences.”

All the best




Irene Resting on the Beach in Papua New Guinea

Irene and Her New Freedom in Papua New Guinea

Dear Hank:

We just want to thank you for a wonderful beach chair.  Gregory loved it!  He went where ever he wanted, with in reason of course.  He was extra careful not to short circuit anything  and he went up and down sandy coastal beaches.  He wanted to ride it in the water but remembered not to.  He had a great time on it.  Thanks a lot for helping us pick it out and for any questions you answered for us.


Maria and Gregory and my husband Neil Dore



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