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Wheeleez PWC Dollies, Kayak Carts, Canoe Carts,
Ballon Wheels, All Terrain Wheels





Wheeleez products:

Wheeleez® Push Cart is a large and deep transport cart that goes anywhere. Use it in sand, mud, snow, soft, soggy grass & turf and on other environmentally sensitive areas. The Push Cart easily carries almost anything:

  • Coolers, Picnic Equipment, Chairs
  • Boogie Board/Surf Equipment
  • Umbrellas, Towels
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Hunting Equipment
  • Beach Cleanup Debris

The Wheeleez® Sports Caddy is the hand truck that goes anywhere. Use it in sand, mud, snow and on soft, soggy grass and turf on other environmentally sensitive areas.

The Wheeleez® PWC Dolly 24 and 36 provide easy and safe transportation to the water for your jet ski in sand and any difficult terrain.

The Wheeleez® Kayak/Canoe Cart and Canoe Kayak Tote are the ideal products for transporting your kayak or canoe over the most difficult terrain.

Wheeleez Wheels:

These Patented Balloon Wheels are designed to perform with amazing ease on soft sand and sensitive terrain. These wheels go virtually anywhere you need to go. Use these unique wheels for your all-terrain special access projects. Wheeleez wheels, are known throughout the world as Beach Wheels, Balloon Wheels, Fat Wheels, Sand Wheels, and Mud Wheels.


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